Policies and Procedures

Course Pre-requisites
All participants must have a high school diploma or equivalent. All online courses are offered in English. If you are having difficulty understanding or completing the wrriten assignments due to any language barriers, it is the responsibiltiy  of the course participant to find other avenues to support understanding of course content and assignments. Contact our office immediately if you are having difficulty. 301 203-7648. Refunds will not be given if the course participant has difficulty in understanding English or does not complete the course.

CMS offers 90 Hour, 45 Hour Pre-Service Programs and Core of knowlege  Continued Education Trainings. These self-paced or Instructor-facilitated courses require reading, viewing materials, assessments and assignment submissions. Pre-Service courses are equivalent to 3 credit courses offered by colleges and universities. These courses typically take 8 weeks to complete. Anyone with special needs taking these courses may request assistance and/or additional time. Contact our office for additional information. Coaching and mentoring is often given to support the needs of our learners.

Course Attendance
All online and in-person  sessions will start and end on time. The Instructor will not allow late arrivals as this is an MSDE / requirement. Please include your session dates and times in your calendar. If you are taking a virtual session this will occur on ZOOM. All sessions will require video and audio on for the entire session, you must participate in training discussions  or class activities without distractions or distracting others.

Certificates will only be awarded once the course managment system has confirmed that all assignments, reading materials, video clips and quizzes have been read, viewed or passed with a minimum grade of 80%. 

Grading Policy
All assignments are graded by a live instructor. If you have not received a grade within 3 business days contact the instructor through the course management system. If there is no response, call our office 301 203-7648 and speak with the Director.

Assignments can be submitted by computer, cell phone or tablet. The learning management system works with smart phones and tablets.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Read the entire course description before enrolling. 
  2. It is your responsibility to be sure that you are enrolling in the appropriate course for your state or the District of Columbia. If you do not know your requirements you should call or email your Licensing Specialist or read your regulations to be sure that you are enrolling in a course that meets your state requirements or certifications.
  3. You have a GED or High School Diploma that is recognized by your State or the District of Columbia.
  4. You have the ability to read, write, and verbally communicate and understand in English.
  5. You will meet  all online and classroom training & submission requirements.
  6. You will arrive on time in all online and inperson trainings.
  7. You will conduct yourself in a professional manner online or inperson. This includes respecting all participants, instructor, engage with others and particpate following all online and inperson protocols.
  8. You must submit work that meets the minimum passing requirement of 80% for assignments and quizzes.
  9. You understand that proficiency is required to take online training and you must meet those requirements. If you begin taking a course and do not meet online or classroom proficiency standards you can be removed from the course and your payment will not be refunded.
  10. Payments can be made for all online courses using Stripe. All credit and debit cards types are accepted. 
    If you are paying for an inperson training or onsite group training you will need to call our office. 301 203-7648. A CMS represenative will assist you. Your payment will be completed using square. We accept ALL credit cards. After transaction you will be sent an email receipt. 
  11. You can  email us at info@cms4training.com Subject line; Make a Payment.  Include your name, contact number and the training(s) you are interested in enrolling. You will receive a return call by our represenative during office hours. If you call after  our office has closed you will be called the next business day.  Payment will be made by square over the phone.  All credit/debit cards are accepted. An email receipt will be sent to you immediately following the transaction.
  12. If you would like to drop your payment off, call our office 301 203-7648  in advance to give a date and time you would like to drop you payment off. You can pre-register by phone and your space will be held for 24 hours.  Drop off payments will not be accepted in cash. Payments must be paid by money order or cashier check. Have your payment in an envelope with  your name, phone number and email address on the outside of envelope. For  the safety of all , no cash payments are accepted. 

   13.  Refunds will not be given.

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