The success of youth in school is strongly linked to their health and proper nutrition. This course will explore what nutrients children need to maintain a healthy body and tips on providing nutritious snacks for them.(COK 3 hours Health, Safety and Nutrition)  The cost of this course is $20.

Boundaries are the restrictions we set to respect our physical, emotional, and mental needs.  Setting boundaries in a classroom is vital for both teachers as well as students. By setting boundaries, we promote dialogue and trust in a learning environment. Everyone has various boundaries, but a few common ones include muting someone on social media or convincing a buddy to refrain from bringing up particular subjects. When we become conscious of our individual needs and what makes us feel at peace, happy, and fulfilled, we create space for joy. (COK 3 hours Professionalism)  The cost of this course is $20.

This course provides the skills necessary to work in school-age child care programs. Topics include curriculum planning, age-appropriate materials and methods for working with children ages 6-13. You must successfully complete all course requirements to receive a certificate. You must successfully complete all course requirements to receive a certificate. (The required textbook for this course is, “Great Afternoon Programs and Spaces That Wow!”, by Linda J. Armstrong and Christine A. Schmidt – 1st Edition 2013. It is available from, and Purchase the book before starting the course. Register and start now. The cost of this course is $299.

Parents have an excellent chance to foster their children's growth and development and make a difference in their education because they are their kids' first instructors. In addition, many parents desire to be active in their children's education. Family participation should be a central  component of teaching and learning, according to educational experts and policymakers. As the focus has changed on how families may play in education, many schools are attempting to figure out ways to engage families to participate in student learning. (3 hours CKO CM) The cost of this course is $20.